Vestaly is certainly born out of my passion for clothing, colours and beauty. It is born out of the wish to create clothes sized xxs but also xxxl, not always for a certain personality type or taste but for all those who feel green today but pink tomorrow, for those who are romantic today but in an office mood tomorrow, for those who are elegant today and sporty tomorrow.

Anca Gheorghe Fashion Designer
Anca Gheorghe Fashion Designer

My intention is not to create fashionable clothing but one that is influenced by fashion. My aim is to maintain a light vintage/retro style, accessible and timeless.

Vestali is a small brand, creating clothing „prêt à porter“, giving the opportunity to personalize every item, using high quality materials mindfully chosen in advance. We respond directly to every message through social media (Facebook etc)

I have always wanted to walk this path. When I was three years old I used to draw in detail dresses and only dresses. I loved the little details, which made me different from the other girls, who typically for their age, were drawing squares instead of heads and sticks instead of legs…I attended The Popular School of Arts, which I never graduated, since I started my studies at the University of Law, after my parents asked me to. I successfully graduated university, but I have never practiced what I have studied. Time flew and I have taken care of my family in the meanwhile. 5 years ago I started studying again, I signed in for Sewing and Design School.

Today , Vestali brings fresh, colourful clothing in your life, full of happiness and suitable for 1001 personalities!